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Elevation in Kershaw…God’s Hand on Kershaw

Last week was really exciting for me at the prison.  I am one of the chaplains at Kershaw Correctional Institution.We had a very special service that featured several pastors from Elevation Church.  Elevation has “adopted” our prison chapel as one of their Extension campuses.  That means that weekly one of the worship services we provide is the same video that other campuses use.

What made this service so special is that Pastor Steven Furtick preached on Thursday at Kershaw.  He speaks at the largest venues in the world, so it was super cool of him to say, that he really wanted to come to Kershaw to see what was happening for himself.

If you’re reading this blog from anywhere else in the world, you simply can’t know what it is like to see God work in Kershaw.  There is some kind of special anointing about this place.  For Kershaw to be out in the proverbial nowhere, a lot of really neat things go on here–even in prison.

This is just another example of the hand of God resting on us in Kershaw.  (We also have had Norman Geisler preach at Kershaw’s chapel).

For many people, they won’t see it.  They say, “you got to go thirty minutes to get to a Walmart.”  That may be true, but God’s got his hand on Kershaw, and Walmart doesn’t carry that!

Team Church is in Kershaw because Kershaw is special to God!  I’m so glad that we were called to this mission.  I guess this would be the time to insert “We are Lancaster?”   mmm…. 😉


8 Responses

  1. Steven furtick i was at kershaw prison when u came and u have really inspired me i got released on march 30

  2. Glad to know that good things are happening out there; I pray for them often as God shows me that their sin is NO worse than my own. We are all just SINNERS in God’s eyes (no level nor degree of sin)!!! God loves them just as much as He does anyone sitting in any church out on the streets. I told them that I was going to come back but haven’t. See if my name is still on the visitation list or is I need to reapply because I would love to go with you sometime.

    • Jean, your name isn’t on any list that I manage, and there have been lots of changes regarding volunteer access. I will need to submit a special memo about you coming when you want. Need about a week’s notice.

  3. NO!!! Not the “We are Lancaster!” for crying out loud!!!!

  4. No, definitely scratched the “We Are Lancaster” (-:

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